Pristina, February 26, 2021– The Chairperson of the Central Election Commission, Valdete Daka hosted the Deputy Chief of the Mission of Election Experts from the European Union, Marian Gabriel.

The chairperson Daka thanked the European Union for the interest that they have expressed in the following election process in our country, emphasizing that the election observation, for the CEC, it has particular importance as it increases the credibility of the electoral process, but also the findings of observers serve to improve future processes.

The chairperson Daka reiterated the fact that the Central Election Commission has managed to successfully organize the Election Day, despite the short time that was available to the CEC to make preparations

Meanwhile, the Deputy Chief of Mission of Election Experts from EU, Marian Gabriel showed that this mission has covered the process of preparations for the elections, voting and counting. He informed the CEC chairperson that the Mission of Election Experts will prepare a report on the elections including recommendations.