Certification of political entities

The process of certification of political entities for Kosovo Assembly

All political entities, including political parties, civil initiatives, coalitions, and independent candidates, should apply for certification to compete in the Elections for Assembly of Kosovo. In order to get certified, political entities should follow the steps below:

Certification for political entities and their candidates for Early Elections for Kosovo Assembly starts on 08.01.2021 and ends on 16.01.2021

Step 1 Download and complete the request for certification for political entities

Request for certification of political entities (albanian version)

Step 2 Download and complete the signature booklet

Political entities wishing to compete for Kosovo Assembly must have 1000 valid signatures. This step is not valid only for the political entities that have won seats in the preliminary elections for the Kosovo Assembly.

Signature booklet (albanian version)

Step 3 Download and complete the coalition consent form

This form is completed only by the political parties interested to compete in the Kosovo Assembly elections through a coalition. Coalitions can only be formed between political parties.

Form of consent of coalition (albanian version)

Step 4 Download and complete the candidate list of the Political Entity

This list should include the data of all candidates running for the Assembly of Kosovo. The list can not contain more than 110 candidates. Within the list, a gender quota of 30% should be applied, which means that at least 30% of candidates must belong to one gender. When completing the list, every third candidate on the list should belong to the underrepresented gender (in most cases the under-represented gender is women).

The list of candidates must be filled in electronically and then printed and signed by the authorized person of the political entity. In addition to the signed list, the political entity must bring the same list in Excel format in a CD.

The list of candidates of political entity (albanian version)

The smallest number of candidates from the opposite gender (albanian version)

Step 5 Download and complete the candidate certification form

Each candidate running for Kosovo Assembly Elections must complete the candidate’s certification form with personal data. Part C of the form must be signed by the authorized representative of the political entity.

Candidate c eritication form (albanian version)

Step 6 Download and complete the candidate’s financial statement form

All candidates running for Kosovo Assembly Elections must complete the financial publication form.

Form of financial statement of the candidate (albanian version)

Step 7 Submit the political statement

All political entities should write a political statement, which contains the main parts of their program. The format of writing a political statement is not defined, but should not exceed 150 words. The statement must be signed by the authorized representative of the political entity.

Step 8 Submit the symbol of the political entity

To be successfully certified, political parties must submit the symbol of the entity printed and in CD. This requirement applies only to political parties. This symbol will be placed on the ballot, as it is submitted to CEC.

Step 9 Pay for the certification service

After you prepare all the documents listed above, the Political Entities will submit them to Office for Political Party Registration and Certification at CEC. During the submission of documents, political entities will make a payment in the amount of 2000 Euros.