Prishtina, 27 April 2018 –President of Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, has appointed Valdete Daka as the President of Central Election Commission.

President Thaçi has issued the decision pursuant to article 84 (item 26) and article 139 (paragraph 3) of Constitution of Republic of Kosovo, article 61 (paragraph 1 and 2) of Law No. 03/L-073 on General Elections of Republic of Kosovo (OG. No.31, 15 June 2008), as well article 6 of Law No. 03/L-094 for the President of Republic of Kosovo (OG No. 47, 25 January 2009), states the announcement from the Presidency of Kosovo .

“I solemnly declare that I will conduct my duties as President of Central Election Commission honorably, impartially, professionally, consciously and with loyalty” has said President Daka during her oath.

President Thaçi wished President Daka new successes in her work as President of Central Election Commission, states this announcement.