Central Election Commission held its next meeting chaired by president of CEC Valdete Daka.

  • At this meeting a report was presented by the Counting and Results Center after receiving sensitive election material from all municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo.
    The Central Election Commission issued the decision to recount 24 ballot boxes, 21 of which belong to the Municipal Assembly Elections, and 3 other Municipal Mayor Elections. Their re-counting will take place because these ballot boxes could not be processed as regular.
  • During the Voting Period for out of Kosovo voters (26 September to 20 October 2017), 7,000 621 ballot papers were received by mail, of which 6,300 were approved. (Attached you find the list with the number of ballot papers approved for states and divided by municipalities).
  • Regarding the second round of Elections for Mayors, the Central Election Commission approved the Operational Plan for their organization. Some of the activities foreseen by this plan are as follows:

By mail voting operation: 4 November – 17 November 2017

Electoral campaign of Political Entities: 13 November – 17 November