Central Election Commission informs that in the last days, has sent to Ministry of Finances the list for payments of one part of the staff engaged in the electoral process 2017.

Based on the budgetary limitations and the impossibility to conclude all the payments at this time please be informed that the payments have been executed for 1 thousand and 126 persons from a total of 1 thousand and 748 that remained unpaid until the end of last year.

Therefore, the transfer of the funds, that is planned to be concluded on Tuesday (24 July), have been transferred in the active accounts of 1 thousand and 126 persons that were engaged in the different municipalities in Kosovo as commissioners; K-Vote and in Count and Results Center. The fund shave been provided by the budget of CEC, respectively the projects that were planned for implementation this second part of the year.

Also, please be informed that the payment for the remaining 622 persons will be finalized as soon as the necessary funds are ensured, and regarding this issue you will be informed timely. Therefore, from the unpaid staff remain 455 from Klina municipality and 167 from Prizren municipality.

Considering that Local Elections have been conducted in the end of last year, some payments for electoral bodies could not be executed within 2017.