Pristina, 14 February 2021, 20:00 – The Central Election Commission held the fourth conference on Election Day for the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.

The chairwoman of the CEC, Valdete Daka, informed the citizens that all polling stations have been closed and that the process of counting the ballots papers has begun.

“According to preliminary data, the number of citizens who have used their constitutional right to vote is: 46.90% or 827 thousand 984 voters out of 1 million 794 thousand 862 voters”, announced Daka, which added that until the same time, in the early elections for the Assembly of Kosovo in 2019, were 44.18% or 812 thousand 49 voters had voted out of 1 million 937 thousand 868 voters.

Speaking in general about the progress of the voting process, the CEC Chairperson said: “I am very pleased to state that today Kosovo showed how the elections should be organized despite the many challenges. I take this opportunity to thank on behalf of the CEC the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo who on this day gave an example of a high democratic culture “.

Daka also thanked the political entities for the care shown for the election process and encouraged the members of the polling station councils to implement all the counting procedures during the ballot counting process in order to respect the will of the citizens.

She also thanked the institutions, the Kosovo Police and the State Prosecutor’s Office for their participation to the smooth running of the election process, as well as all other institutions that have been in charge and that enabled the voting process to be completed successfully.

At the end of this conference it was announced that from 19:00 o’clock started the 24-hour deadline for submitting complaints to the Election Complaints and Appeals Panel regarding the voting process has started.