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Information from the CEC meeting

After the appointment of eight new members, the Central Election Commission held its first meeting in a new composition, headed by the President, Valdete Daka. At the beginning of the meeting, the CEC chairman congratulated the eight new members for their mandate and wished success in fulfilling the new task. In the first item of [...]


Eight new members of the Central Election Commission have been sworn in

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, appointed eight new members of the Central Election Commission on Thursday (28 March 2019). Eight members of the new composition of the Central Election Commission are Sami Hamiti, Florian Dushi, Adnan Rrustemi, Nazlie Bala, Alfred Kinolli, Ćemailj Kurtiši, Ercan Şpat and Stevan Veselinoviq. The new members [...]

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