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Global Election Day has been marked

Today, on the occasion of marking the Global Election Day, in different municipalities of Kosovo, meetings with high school seniors and youth forums have taken place. The pivotal subject of these meetings was: The importance of youth participation in elections. Global Election Day is marked in many countries since 2005, [...]


Discussion about improvement of voters list

Improvement of voters list was the main subject of the joint workshop of professional groups from Central Election Commission, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Cadastral Agency of Kosovo. In this workshop, which was supported by OSCE Mission in Kosovo, the joint draft action plan for period 2019-2020 was discussed, which [...]


Information regarding the payment of the last part of the staff engaged in election process of 2017

Central Election Commission announces that payments of the last part of electoral staff engaged in last year’s electoral process have been processed. Therefore, the transfer of funds was made to active accounts of 647 persons, who were engaged in elections as: PSC members, Personnel for Reporting of Preliminary Results (K-Vote); [...]


The access of disabled persons to elections has been discussed

Improvement of access for persons with disabilities during the electoral process was the cornerstone of the first meeting of the consultative group for election access. This first meeting was attended by representatives from various institutions of Kosovo, political entities and representatives of organizations dealing with persons with disabilities. This group, [...]


The first consultation meeting for gender equality has been held today

Today was held the first meeting of the gender equality consultative group, which consists of the Central Election Commission and representatives of Political Entities and Civil Society At this meeting, CEC President Valdete Daka talked about the importance of advancing gender equality in electoral processes and the readiness of the [...]


Consultation Group meeting has taken place: CEC – Civil Society

Today was held the first meeting of the consultative group consisting of officials of the Central Election Commission and representatives of Civil Society. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss public information and voter education. Through this group, efforts are being made to coordinate better information and education of [...]


Institutional Cooperation – essential to strengthen election processes

President of Central Election Commission, Valdete Daka and Chief Executive Officer of CEC Secretariat, Enis Halimi participated in the workshop organized by OSCE Mission in Kosovo with the subject: “Lessons learned by judicial bodies and Election Management Bodies for local elections of 2017”. Participants in this workshop were also the [...]


Daka at the Conference on Challenges and Regional Practices in Reforming the Electoral System

The Chairwoman of the Central Election Commission participated in the regional conference organized by the Kosovo Democratic Institute on "Challenges and Regional Practices in Reforming the Electoral System". This one-day conference brought together representatives of institutions, civil society and media from the country and the region to share experiences on [...]